The finest complimentary applications for Samsung devices

The best free apps for Samsung are Facebook Watch, YouTube, Netflix, Nat GEO TV, TED, and Samsung PLUS TV — these are just a few of the Free Apps for Samsung that you can install on your TV. Enjoy watching!

Facebook Watch for Samsung smart TV

The Facebook video app for smart TV allows you to enjoy on the big screen all the videos from Facebook, including videos from friends and channels you are subscribed to, as well as top and recommended videos. The app also allows you to open new channels and people. The Facebook video app for Samsung Smart TV is available on all Smart TV versions newer than 2015.

TED for Samsung Smart TV

Perhaps just one of this app is enough to fill all your evenings with interesting and educational performances of wonderful people from all over the world. For your attention more than 1000 free performances in the following areas: psychology, medicine, innovation in technology, revelations of business gurus, and also legends of music and sports.

Vimeo for Samsung Smart TV

The offer allows you to enjoy the possibility of watching both your own and thousands of other videos collected by talented people from all over the world, available on Watching all these videos will be simply breathtaking on the screen of your Samsung TV.

NAT GEO TV for Samsung Smart TV

For those who have never watched National Geographic content, this will be a real find in the world of interesting and incredibly high-quality video content. With the free NAT GEO TV app, you can enjoy the following products: National Geographic and Nat Geo WILD. You will be able to watch full-length episodes. In particular, we would like to highlight programs from Nat Geo WILD such as: WICKED TUNA, DOOMSDAY PREPPERS, BRAIN GAMES, LOCKED UP ABROAD, LIFE BELOW ZERO, ULTIMATE SURVIVAL ALASKA, ALASKA STATE TROOPERS, DRUGS INC., POLYGAMY TOWN, THE INCREDIBLE DR. POL, SPOILED ROTTEN PETS, ALPHA DOGS, FISH TANK KINGS, and many others.

AccuWeather on Samsung Smart TV

The app allows you to learn the weather on the screen of your Smart TV as accurately as possible. At the same time, you can not only watch the weather for the current day, but also the forecast for the next 5 days with detailed information and a breakdown into 24 hours. You can set reminders and notifications for all the scenarios and locations that interest you. The app supports 12 languages.

Youtube app for Samsung Smart TV

Of course, you can't imagine the full power of Smart TV without the world's most popular app. The presence of only one Youtube app on your Samsung TV, especially if you have a paid subscription, you can get an infinitely long and pleasant experience of all the apps described above. ?

Picasa app for Samsung Smart TV

The Picasa Web Albums app allows you to upload photos of family and friends that you can enjoy on the big screen of your SAMSUNG TV. The slideshow mode makes this as convenient as possible.

National Geographic Kids for Samsung Smart TV

We spoke earlier about the power of National Geographic. The National Geographic Kids app contains a huge amount of interesting and educational children's content grouped by different age groups. Together with your children we will be able to enjoy different interesting facts, flora and fauna, as well as travels and much more.

Samsung TV Plus

Samsung TV Plus is a free and ad-free app with access to over 100 channels from news and sports to entertainment and late night shows. You will definitely find it useful. Of course, it is not available to owners of TVs of other brands.