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The finest complimentary applications for Samsung devices

The best free apps for Samsung are Facebook Watch, YouTube, Netflix, Nat GEO TV, TED, and Samsung PLUS TV — these are just a few of the Free Apps for Samsung that you can install on your TV. Enjoy watching!

What is EPG and How to Set Up EPG for IPTV?

EPG is an electronic program guide (TV schedule) for IPTV channels. EPG transmits such data as the time of broadcast, the title of the broadcast, its description, and genre. EPG is very similar to the TV program in the newspaper that was in every home 20 years ago.

What is Smart TV in a television? The simplest explanation

The word "smart" itself - intelligent - stands for a new generation of devices that has new features not found in similar devices of the old generation.

Smart TV Security - How to Make Your TV as Secure as Possible?

Similar to any other device connected to the internet, Smart TV TVs can have vulnerabilities and be hacked.

How to Choose the Best Smart TV?

The size of the diagonal of the TV is far from the only thing to pay attention to when buying a Smart TV. For example, make sure to familiarize yourself with the following parameters when choosing a particular TV: the convenience of navigation, sound quality, work in LED, OLED, HD or 4K format, the presence of a video camera or voice recognition function, as well as the ease of connecting other devices

10 Essential Smart TV Functions - What Should Be in Every Smart TV?

Today, many television sets and manufacturers claim to be related to Smart TV. However, in fact, not every TV with internet access can be called smart and be convenient. In reality, there are so many manufacturers and models in their product line that deserve the title and leave the store shelves.