10 Essential Smart TV Functions - What Should Be in Every Smart TV?

Today, many television sets and manufacturers claim to be related to Smart TV. However, in fact, not every TV with internet access can be called smart and be convenient. In reality, there are so many manufacturers and models in their product line that deserve the title and leave the store shelves.
Also, it is important to understand that not all of the amazing features you need and therefore should not pay for it. In this article we will discuss in detail the 10 essential features without which it is not worth buying a new TV.

Fast User Interface in Smart TV

There is no second opinion here. Nothing is more important than the speed of switching the interface. Everything should be fast and very convenient. For example, if you have ever used a Blu-ray player, then you certainly remember the moment that can seem eternal while the menu was loading on the screen? Similarly, some Smart TVs can take a long time to switch from one application to another and so on. A fast interface in Smart TV is considered to be one that understands what you are going to do and allows you to do it before you even thought of it. We wrote earlier about the difference in operating systems in Smart TV and you can read it here.

Opportunities for Video Content and Services Streaming

To truly enjoy the benefits of a Smart TV, you simply need to subscribe to at least one video streaming service. For example, Netflix, Amazon Prime Instant, Vudu, Hulu Plus, HBO Now and so on. Without a fast enough internet signal at home, you simply won’t be able to enjoy any of this. If all you do is simply watch movies and TV shows then you don’t even need a Smart TV, as you can do all that with an old TV. The services described above offer a completely different experience and viewing quality.

Streaming in 4K UHD Format

In addition to the above, it’s worth mentioning that watching in 4K is a completely different experience. However, there isn’t a lot of content available in this quality yet. Netflix, Amazon Instant, M-GO and others have content in this format, as they know it’s the future. However, you have to understand that your TV needs to be compatible with this format. Unfortunately, not all Smart TVs and programs are compatible with 4K. In short, if 4K UHD picture is important to you, make sure your future TV is compatible and that you have fast enough internet at home to enjoy this beauty.

Music Streaming

Listening to music may not be the first and main thing you purchase a TV for. However, you’ll be surprised at how much time you’ll end up using this feature, especially if your Smart TV is in a room without another audio system. It’s important to think of this right away, as not all Smart TV manufacturers have taken care to have apps like Pandora, Spotify, iHeartRadio, or TuneIn pre-installed in the TV, or even available to download from an App store.

Built-in Microphone

You may already have experience in talking to voice assistants such as Google Assistant, Apple Siri, Amazon's Alexa, or Yandex Alisa. Well, many of them can also be built into your TV. For this, your TV needs to be equipped with a microphone and speech recognition functionality. Most TVs have potential for control, in the future, and smart home, so make sure to take care of it in advance. We definitely recommend reading this security article if you are going to buy a TV with a built-in microphone.

Recommendation System

All cool products have a recommendation system. By recommendation system we mean: “You may like ...” or “Other users who watched ... also liked ...” So why shouldn't your smart TV share recommendations with you? Although recommendations can often be silly and insufficiently precise, they can still be useful. Especially at the initial stage, when you are getting to know your TV and also forming your preferences.

Universal Search

Sometimes finding what you need can be very difficult. And doing it quickly leaves much to be desired. Almost all Smart TVs are already equipped with a search engine or so-called “Guide” that can help you find the movie or show you need. SMART TV with the widest and most powerful search capabilities will be more profitable compared to others.


We have already discussed that you can use your smart TV not only for watching movies and shows, but also for listening to music. However, why not play games on your TV too? We are not talking about Solitare or AngryBirds here.

Many SMART TVs already have games as apps. However, the requests of gamers have not gone unanswered and such TV manufacturers as Sony and Samsung can now be more conveniently connected to PlayStation and other services.

Convenient Smartphone Connection to Smart TV

Different companies can call this convenient feature differently: “flinging,” “casting,” “second screen experience,” or even “flick and share.” Regardless of what this feature is called, the ability to wirelessly control content from your computer or smartphone to your smart TV's screen is all and very convenient! Again, you will understand this only when you start using it.

Having a compatible app with this feature, you and other members of your family can stream useful and interesting information to your screen in a completely new and convenient way. Again, there may not be a pre-installed app, such as Youtube, on your TV, but the built-in casting feature on your TV will help you stream Youtube content using your smartphone.

App Store

Your Smart TV may be the smartest one, but technologies are developing rapidly. Therefore, it is very important that the brand of TV you choose has a strong App Store.

This should allow you to have the newest and constantly updated leading applications. Firstly, we are talking not only about services but also about new content that you can consume through these services.

Some Smart TV manufacturers, such as Samsung and LG, have their own app store with a fairly limited selection. Meanwhile, Sony or Sharp, based on the Android TV operating system, will have access to over 600 applications, the number of which is constantly growing. This point is really important, and to avoid disappointment, try to find out if your favorite app is in the app store of this or that manufacturer.

P.S: There is nothing perfect. Nevertheless, by choosing the most convenient TV (specifically for you) you will enjoy the convenience with your family and friends. We sincerely hope that you found this article useful.