What is Smart TV in a television? The simplest explanation

The word "smart" itself - intelligent - stands for a new generation of devices that has new features not found in similar devices of the old generation.
For example, smartphones (smart phones - there are no other ones now) not only have access to the Internet, but can also perform many actions that we do on a computer (photography, watching movies, music, working with documents, mail, games, and much more, including the presence of a virtual assistant / assistant). All these functions simply were not available on phones of the old generation, which were oriented to calls and SMS.

The simplest explanation:

Just like technology and capabilities transformed a simple phone into a smartphone, so ordinary TVs have also been transformed into smart TVs. This transformation has occurred, first of all, through the connection of the old and relatively "stupid" TV connected to the HDTV antenna, to the Internet and an unlimited number of channels and applications.

At the same time, the main and main function of the TV - watching shows, movies, sports events or shows - remained unchanged.

What Smart Features Should Your Modern TV Have?

Apps: Most popular apps will already be in your TV, or you can easily install them from the app store. For example, Netflix, Amazon Video, Facebook, Yandex, Twitter, Smarttv Club and many others, allowing you to watch video content in high quality.

1. Web browser: Most Smart TV models have a built-in web browser that allows you to explore the internet, view photos, read news without getting up from your couch.

2. Streaming: The most important function is to display (cast) the content of your smartphone or computer on the screen of your TV without wires. This is a very powerful function, and believe it will really come in handy, since you probably still do not realize its potential and the possibilities it opens. Otherwise, you will have to buy a separate device to implement this in the future. For example, Google Chromecast. So it's better if this function is built in right away.

3. Voice recognition: You may already have experience communicating with voice assistants such as Google Assistant, Apple Siri, Amazon’s Alexa or Yandex Alisa. So, many of them can also be built into your TV. For this, your TV must be equipped with a microphone and speech recognition function. Most TVs have the potential for control, in the future, and a smart home, so take care of this in advance. We strongly recommend that you read the following article on security if you are going to buy a TV with a built-in microphone.

Your SMART TV will not work without these functions:

  1. Internet connection and corresponding bandwidth. Most modern TVs with Smart TV function are already equipped with wi-fi, which allows you to connect to your home router, like your smartphone. To watch 4K Ultra HD and higher format broadcasts, such as Netflix movies and series, you need a bandwidth of at least 25 Mbps.
  2. TV license or provider connection to watch / stream channels / broadcasts.

Which SMART TV brand and operating system should you choose?

Smart TVs are available from all major TV manufacturers, such as LG, Panasonic, Samsung, and Sony. However, they all have their own features, pluses and minuses. Like the operating system on your smartphone, for example Android or Apple iOS, SMART TV TVs have their own operating system, which we will consider below:

LG's operating system is called webOS.

This is one of the most popular TV operating systems, but the road to glory was not easy. This system has seriously evolved since 2014. It has a very convenient interface and contains almost all the amenities you may need. However, one of the strongest features of LG is the ability to use two remote control modes, one of which is the 'Magic' remote.

Also, the LG operating system allows for integration of household appliances and notifications display. For example, your washing machine has finished washing, etc.

Android TV Operating System.

This operating system has the most potential and well thought out details. For example, any smart TV with an Android system has a built-in Chromecast, which we wrote about earlier. This allows you to stream/cast content from your phone or computer directly to the TV without any wires. Of course, this operating system is integrated with all popular Google products, such as Google Assistant. However, the disadvantage of such an operating system is the non-standard experience and interface, in the case if it will be used by different brands/manufacturers. It is an open source product that carries its own risks and complexities.

The operating system of Samsung is called TizenOS.

This operating system is embedded in all Samsung products except smartphones. The reputation of TizenOS leaves much to be desired due to security issues noticed in the distant past, in 2015. Now it can be confidently said that the company pays great attention to security and is one of the leaders in the SMART TV market. Visually, this operating system is quite good. However, compared to some other operating systems, it is clearly not among the leaders in intelligence, but has gone its own unique path of development. You will be satisfied with this operating system, especially its more expensive models, which already have the voice control function (Bixby) that allows you to control not only your smart TV, but also other small and large home appliances and even the whole smart home.

Fire TV Edition

This is a fairly new operating system developed by Amazon and used in Amazon Fire TV. You are guaranteed to get the ability to control Amazon Alexa, similar to Google Assistant or Yandex Alisa, to control your queries or manage your home. In terms of content, you won't find all the expected applications inside the Amazon Appstore, as most developers don't prioritize FIRE TV. Despite the fact that a large part of the Fire TV code is based on open source Android, you will not be able to download applications from the Google Play Store. But let's not scare you, the most popular applications are of course available, but not YouTube.

Roku Operating System

The Roku TV operating system is embedded in many televisions of various manufacturers such as TLC, Element, Insignia, Philips, Sharp, RCA, Hitachi and Hisense. The main advantage of Roku is the ability to use the largest number and variety of applications.

What is the best operating system for SMART TV?

Each operating system has its own features and potential. They are rapidly evolving and it is difficult to say definitively who will win in this race.

Amazon Fire is indeed lacking due to the absence of most apps, including YouTube and Google Play Store, while Tizen OS, in our opinion, is weaker in terms of navigation. If you want lightness and minimal design follow WebOS. Having priority in terms of app availability, choose Roku. The future of voice assistants, in our opinion, is Android TV, as it is backed by Google with all its plans and power.